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Yakushima / Mt.Miyanoura ③: From “Jomonsugi” cedar forest to “Shiratani Unsuikyo”, laurel forest

From Shin-Takatsuka hut to Jomonsugi cedarAfter walking through the paradise of megaliths and clear water at Mt. Miyanoura, head to the forest of giant trees.In the early morning, I left the new Takatsuka hut (1501m) and descended to Jomon cedar (1292m).As you lower the altitude, the forest gets deeper and the air gets damp.
The big advantage of visiting Jomonsugi cedar on the vertical run of Mt. Miyanoura is that you can see Jomonsugi cedar when there are few people.At Mt. Miyanoura on the first day, we will walk in glassland, which exceeds the forest limit. The mountain top, which snows in winter, is a subalpine landscape.After lowering the altitude and passing the new Takatsuka hut, the forest is finally getting deeper.
The forest leading to Jomon cedar is mainly coniferous. It is a mixed forest where broad-leaved trees are mixed with coniferous trees such as hemlock and fir, including the famous Yakusugi (Yakusugi).

Thick trunks stand on steep slopes toward the heavens. The air that …

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